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Don’t damage your roof’s surface with high pressure cleaning. A low pressure chemical treatment is the best option!

Roof Cleaning is as important as maintaining your health. Without timely maintenance, you could incur urgent and costly repairs one day.

Elite Property Wash offers a comprehensive Roof Cleaning & Treatment service.

We use the latest Mould, Moss, and Lichen removal technology, ensuring total remove including the spores that cause regrowth.

Homeowners often overlook the roof area but it is essential to keep it clean because it doesn’t damage quickly which can save you thousands of dollars. Dark streaks on your roof look ugly on the roof and they are a sign of getting damaged. These dark streaks indicate the presence of algae and lichen which are the organisms that lead to the deterioration of your roof.

We use the latest technologies to gently remove the spores that cause regrowth. Because of this, the dark streaks will fade away which are caused by algae and other organisms. So, by regular washing, you can get rid of this organism that damages the roofs. 

Affordable Roof Cleaning Service in Gold Coast

We provide roof cleaning services at a very affordable cost with the best quality. We offer no-obligation estimates so that you can get a clear picture of what we offer. We turn your damaged roof into a high-quality roof and also provide a year guarantee on all roof treatments so that you do not worry about your roof getting infected in the near future. So call us right away to avail the best and affordable services on the Gold Coast.

There are two options available for cleaning your roof, and the information below will help you to determine which option is best for you.

The following methods will explain the advantages and disadvantages

High-Pressure Roof Cleaning

High-Pressure Roof cleaning involves washing your roof with high-pressure water. This results in the removal of dirt, mould, and grime for an instant clean result.

At times this can sometimes be a good option. However, this is not always the best option for cleaning your roof.

High-Pressure roof cleaning is recommended only when you are planning to paint your roof.

Below are the reasons High-Pressure cleaning is not recommended

  • Causes damage such as cracked tiles, dents & leaks
  • Shortens the life of your roof’s surface due to the abrasion
  • Mould spores are still present after high-pressure cleaning
  • Mess usually remains in gutters and on grounds below
  • Required to walk over entire roof while cleaning = Higher chance of roof damage
  • Higher chance of worker injury while on the roof due to slips, trips & falls
  • Higher cost than a roof treatment due to longer time to clean the roof
  • Major roofing manufacturers do not recommend high pressure unless you plan on painting

If you have mould, moss or lichen growth, the best option is a roof treatment.

Chemical Roof Treatment

A roof treatment is the best option when your roof has mould, moss or lichen growth.

First I apply a mould, moss & lichen inhibitor chemical to your roof which takes about 3 hours to penetrate.

The treatment then remains on the roof, and throughout a few months, the mould, moss or lichen will naturally come off the roof, leaving it free of these nasties.

There is no better option for removal of mould, moss and lichen as a high-pressure roof cleaning will not kill the spores that cause rapid regrowth.

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Below are the benefits of a Chemical Roof Treatment

  • Kills the spores that cause rapid regrowth
  • Less chance of damage to your roof as minimal walking on the roof is required
  • Costs less than Pressure Washing
  • No mess left behind
  • Less chance of injury to workers due to less time on the roof surface
  • Major roofing manufacturers recommend chemical cleaning

Why choose our roof cleaning service?

  • We can deliver an effective roof cleaning solution for your roof
  • Elite Property Wash is the only company in Queensland who has access to this chemical as it is manufactured primarily for our company
  • A 1-year guarantee is provided on all roof treatments
  • We collect the residual chemical and remove it from the site to adhere to council laws
  • Fantastic customer feedback – CLICK HERE


You can clean your roof by using different chemicals.  You can use mold, moss & lichen inhibitor chemicals to get rid of this bacteria. These chemicals kill lichen, algae, and other bacteria on the roof.

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