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Mould in a household can cause serious health-related problems.

Mould in a household can cause serious health-related respiratory problems .

It can cause respiratory issues like sneezing, coughing, and even allergic reactions in some people. Along with the health-related problems, the Mould is unchecked; it can damage your house’s furnishings, clothes, and structural elements. Thus, you have to look for signs in your home that indicate the presence of Mould. The most susceptible areas are wet areas like bathrooms, attics, air conditioning unit and air ducts.

We at Elite Property Wash offer the best mould cleaning services in Gold Coast at reasonable prices. Our mould removal service includes:

  • Full inspection of your entire property.
  • Air sampling to identify the level and type of Mould in your property.
  • Tap lifts and moisture readings to identify and locate the Mould.
  • Thermal imaging to detect moisture and humidity behind the walls.
  • Borescope to locate inside venting.
  • We use our specialised equipment to locate the cracks in the foundation, basement, pipe leaks, and other areas where Mould is likely hidden. Thus making the mould removal process easy!

We offer highly professional mould cleaning service in gold Coast. Our mould removal specialists are highly trained with relevant experience to carry out these mould removal tasks. We respond quickly to all the responses and resolve the mould growth issues in one business day. Get a quote or schedule a service by contacting us right away. We are waiting to hear from you and provide the best service for your mould problem. Together we can take preventative measures to prevent mould growth at its tracks and be mould free with our services for mould removal in gold Coast.

Mould Remediation Specialist Gold Coast

Mould grows in hot and humid places, and we at Gold Coast are blessed with that climate. However, all is well and good until you have poor ventilation. If you have poor ventilation and rains, both mean a recipe for disaster and a thriving ground for mould spores in Gold Coast.

We are experts at identifying your mould issues for proper removal in gold Coast, working on a treatment plan for you, and bringing a perfect solution for your mould problem.

Signs That You May Have Mould

The unpredictable Australian climate, with its humidity, temperature, and rain, gives the perfect atmosphere for mould to thrive and grow. However, there are sure warning signs of mould, and if you help identify them, you can take proactive steps for mould removal in Gold Coast.

Strange Musty Odor

If you smell something earthy and damp, like when you walk in the park right at home, this could be a sure sign of mould growth.

Persistent Cough and Allergies

Moulds can cause allergic reactions, from persistent coughing to asthma-like symptoms to sneezing and sometimes even rash and itchy and watery eyes. If you have these symptoms at home, it could be a sign of mould.

Visible Signs

The most obvious way to know you have a mould infestation is the visible growth that you can see on ceilings and walls. The most common moulds are black and brown, and the texture is soft and fuzzy.

Why Choose Us for Mould Removal & Cleaning Services in Gold Coast?

At Elite Property Wash in Gold Coast, we know the dangers of Mould for you and your family as we have worked on many such houses and spaces that need immediate attention. Though seemingly harmless initially, it gets surface area affected and it can be dangerous if not taken proper care of.

We have a team of experts trained specifically for safe and effective mould removal in gold coast. We provide a first-class mould remediation service that you and your entire family can have faith in.

Our experience working for gold coast residents in hundreds of homes for mould removal Gold coast has taught us what to look out for in a mould inspection and what the proper course of action should be to effectively remove mould issue from its roots and we even help you with mould prevention tips.

Whether it is roof cleaning, driveway cleaning, patio cleaning, soft washing of exterior walls, or concrete cleaning that you seek, our cleaners will fulfill all your needs.

Let us take the burden off your shoulder and help you improve the health of your home, and ultimately give you the safe space you truly deserve. We provide competitive mould removal cost, so to book our services, simply call us, and we will provide you with a no-obligation quote.

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The first step to eliminate mould, is to control the moisture level, where there is moisture, there is mould. Mould can also cause health problems like throat irritation respiratory infections, coughing and skin irritation, etc. So, prevent all these problems, eliminate the growth of mould in your home. Few ways to do it are:

  • Keep the humidity levels under 60% and control the moisture percentage.
  • Clean and dry the areas that are susceptible to mould.
  • Don’t dry wet materials in the home without proper ventilation and sunlight.
  • Fix leaks on the roofs and walls.
  • Repair leaks and replaces the old, dilapidated pipes.
  • Improve the ventilation levels of your home by opening the windows, doors, and closet doors frequently.

By doing most of all inclusive the above-mentioned points you can definitely control the development of mould in your home. But, once the mould is formed, the only way to get rid of it is by hiring a professional or doing it by yourself using some mould removal products.

Mould thrives in moist and humid areas where there is moisture, and mould is entirely okay in the natural environment. But when mould forms at your home or office, it poses a severe health risk.

These fuzzy black and brown moulds can occur due to moisture within your building material, walls and ceiling, leaking pipes, water damage or lousy ventilation that traps the humidity inside. These circumstances give the perfect environment for it to grow and thrive rapidly. The only way you can stop its growth is by calling in a professional for mould removal in Gold Coast.

Yes, mould is a fungus; when found inside homes and commercial buildings, it can harm everyone. It can cause allergy-like symptoms with watery eyes, persistent irritation to your vision, throat, and nose and constant coughing. In extreme cases, it can also trigger asthma in children and even cancer.

To ensure your environment inside commercial property is safe, it is always best to get the place check for mould if you suspect it as it can be hidden mould and get a professional mould removal services in Gold Coast done if there is mould in affected area.

While mould removal and remediation are used interchangeably, it has different processes. Mould removal is mould cleaning which means physically removing the visible mould damage from the damp areas and affected areas through chemicals and cleaning products. However, mould remediation is where a more comprehensive range of issues are tackled, like building materials accessed, moisture levels are checked in the indoor air. The remediation process ensures that the root cause is addressed, preventing any chances of mould from reappearing.


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