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Don't damage your home with high-pressure cleaning. A low-pressure chemical clean is the best option!

Exterior house cleaning on the Gold Coast is essential to your property’s maintenance. Over time, your house can show signs of wear and tear, and dirt, algae, and grime can take over its once-pristine condition. A professional house pressure washing in Gold Coast is the best solution to get your house back to its former glory, and this is where we can help. As a professional exterior house cleaning expert, we have the tools and experience to help you. We offer exterior soft washing, an excellent alternative to traditional pressure washing, as it removes all the contaminants gently, leaving no room for damage to your exteriors. Soft washing a house protects your investment boosts your home’s curb appeal and enhances your home’s value.

A home is the single most significant investment for many people, so it pays to look after it.
Much like maintaining your car, the exterior of your home is less likely to need repair when well maintained.

House Washing is essential, but why you may ask?

  • Great way to help maintain your property’s value.
  • House Washing helps increase the life expectancy of your paint
  • It helps keep away insects such as spiders
  • Removes salt spray, which causes corrosion and paint damage

Professional House Washing in Gold Coast

We provide exterior house cleaning on the Gold Coast and ensure no property damage while cleaning. Hence, we recommend a soft washing method to our customers, a low-pressure technique that doesn’t damage your house. We use eco-friendly chemicals for all our exterior cleaning services on the Gold Coast which help in superior cleaning of your property. 

We apply the chemicals to your house, give them time to reside and rinse them off. This will eradicate organic growth at your property and make it look cleaner. We rinse your entire property, including surroundings leaving no mess behind. Leave it to us; we make your property look like a new one. View Before & After photos CLICK HERE

Exterior House Washing Experts

Our services include both the internal and external areas of your house. We wash facia, soffits, walls, and outside the gutters. We do it by a soft washing method with many more benefits than high-pressure washing. Unlike house pressure washing on the Gold Coast, soft washing ensures no damage to your property because of the low-pressure technique. It requires less water than high-pressure cleaning. Softwashing increases the longevity of your home by keeping the pests away. It also makes your home look great. It keeps your family healthy because bacteria can cause respiratory issues and allergic reactions.

External House Cleaning Methods

There are typically two widely used professional house washing methods: high-pressure and soft washing. Although high-pressure washing is widely used, it is not the best option. Due to the high pressure, it might damage the wood surfaces of your deck or erode the cement in your driveaway. When high pressures are used at high capacity, they might lead to soggy carpets, wet attics, Mould, etc. On the other hand, soft washing does not use pressure washing to clean your home. It instead uses very low pressure, which will not harm your property. The chemicals used in soft washing break down the Dirt, grime, and Mould. So, we highly recommend soft washing over high-pressure washing. Many people are unaware that there is more than one method for House Washing. High pressure is the most common method for house washing, but there is another way called Soft Washing. Soft washing a house has many benefits over Pressure Washing (High Pressure).

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a low-pressure cleaning process used to safely treat and remove mildew, bacteria, fungs, lichens, etc. House soft washing is the safest because high-pressure methods can cause damage. Soft washing uses specialised solutions like bleach and water to remove bacteria, algae, and other organisms safely. It uses an electric agricultural sprayer to apply a water-based, biodegradable cleaning solution to kill bacteria, fungus, algae, and more on the surfaces of your buildings. Unlike other companies, Elite Property Wash does not use pressure washing to clean your home. Instead, we use a low-pressure technique called Soft Washing which ensures your home goes undamaged during cleaning. The pressure used in Soft Washing is similar to that of your garden hose, between 70-90psi. We apply an eco-friendly detergent that breaks down the Dirt, grime, and Mould. We then rinse off this detergent and triple-rinse your windows, leaving your home looking amazing. View Before & After photos CLICK HERE

Soft Washing Vs Pressure Washing

  • Exterior soft washing is less likely to leave damage on wood and sidings.
  • It doesn’t leave permanent marks on concrete and stones, unlike pressure washing.
  • Less water is used than high-pressure washing.
  • The usage of chemicals in soft washing makes your house cleaner.
  • The soft washing cleaning technique keeps your surfaces cleaner for a longer time
  • Soft washing is more expensive than pressure washing.

Below are the benefits of Soft washing vs. pressure Washing

  • No damage to your home surface, unlike high pressure
  • Less water usage than Pressure Washing
  • Superior clean due to the application of chemical unlike pressure washing
  • Mould regrowth on your home is prolonged due to mould spore elimination = cleaner home for longer
  • Minimal water gets inside due to lower pressure application
  • Leaves and loose debris do not get blown around your yard due to the wind that high pressure generates
  • My Soft wash system uses an electric pump which generates far less noise compared to a petrol-powered pressure washer

So, clearly, we can say that house soft washing is preferable to pressure washing. But pressure washing is more suitable for hard surfaces like brick walls, garage floors, driveways, and sidewalks. But pressure washing should be done carefully, because of its high pressure it can damage not only surfaces but also people.

Why Choose Us?

With Elite Property Wash, we guarantee amazing results, and we will ensure that your home is as clean as possible.
What We Do Differently

  • Low Pressure Not High Pressure (No Damage)
  • I Take Care Of Your Garden By Rinsing It Before And After
  • We Rinse Surrounding Areas And Leave No Mess Behind
  • Triple Rinse All Windows To Minimise Streaks
  • Fully Insured
  • The Latest Equipment From America delivering the best results (Ask For More Info)
  • Amazing Customer Feedback– CLICK HERE

I do not have a massive team of external house cleaners out there. Therefore I can ensure that the quality is 110% every time.

  • I work alone; therefore, I can guarantee NO shortcuts take place
  • Pensioner discounts available
  • Free quotes

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A green tip produces a 25-degree spray which works well for all household washing purposes. For harder surfaces, use a 15-degree spray nozzle. For softer surfaces, choose a 25-degree spray nozzle.

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