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We take a totally different approach to Path & Driveway Cleaning. Continue reading to see how we do things!

Path & Driveway Cleaning is a great way to maintain a slip-proof driveway and ensures your family is safe from any untoward accidents.

We have a few different options available for driveway cleaning as well as path, patio, and courtyard cleaning.

Unlike other companies out there we offer a unique option. I will list the three options we have available


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High-Pressure Cleaning 


This method is the most commonly available for cleaning hard surfaces such as Driveway & Paths but is not always the best option.

This involves High-pressure cleaning with either a land lance or a surface cleaner machine.

A surface cleaner is much more efficient than using a hand lance and provides a better result.

The benefit to this method of cleaning is you receive an instant result, but it has its negatives also.


Disadvantages of High-Pressure Cleaning 

  • Can cause damage to the surface as this is an abrasive method and repetitive cleaning of this type will cause further damage
  • Will generally leave faint machining lines due to the second pass over the same area
  • Does not eliminate mould, moss & lichen spores causing faster regrowth which means more frequent cleaning is required = more damage


High-Pressure + Chemical Treatment

On completion of High-Pressure machine cleaning, we apply a chemical to the entire surface.

This chemical is a mould, moss and lichen inhibitor that eliminates all mould, moss, and lichen spores which prolongs regrowth.

This option may still cause surface damage due to the High-Pressure machine cleaning but has the advantage of the chemical treatment.


Chemical Treatment

This method does not involve any high pressure at all. It is purely a chemical treatment.

It has its advantages and disadvantages which I will now discuss.


  • Kills all mould, moss and lichen spores and prolongs regrowth
  • If a reapplication schedule is put in place the surface will remain clean eliminating the need for future pressure cleaning
  • No bleaches used
  • Less cost as less labour is required


  • Does not provide you with an instant result


Property maintenance is by no means an easy job. For all your path & driveway cleaning, we have you covered.


Why Choose Us?

  • We will deliver the best cleaning option for your hard surfaces
  • Elite Property Wash is the only company in Queensland who has access to this chemical as it is manufactured primarily for our company
  • All surface treatments come with a 1-year guarantee
  • We collect the residual chemical and remove it from the site to adhere to council laws
  • Fantastic customer feedback – CLICK HERE

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